Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Using up scraps

These are little wristlets I made. (Not sure if thats the right word, but it seemed to fit) I wanted to use up some of the little scraps I had left over from my quit, so these were born! The one below is my favorite. I've worn it so much already that its starting to look a little tired.

Don't ask me what the letters stand for. They were from fabric tags and I thought they would look cool. 


Belle said...

I love these! I love how you just come up with ideas on the spot. Great use of left over fabric and I love the choice of outfits you use to go with these. I <3 you! :)

Katie said...

Cute cute cute Sarah!

jedigirlz said...

what a cute idea....you could post a tutorial for a children's blog. Start a trend!!! Kids would love these. They could choose their own fabrics. Awesome. Good thinking.