Monday, March 30, 2009

My quilt is done!!

Does this look familiar? Well, a while ago it I was going to quilt it and finish it off. When I laid it all out, I realized I had sewn the quilt completely crooked! I got so mad at myself for being a complete failure at sewing. So I shoved it in the back of the closet, never to be remembered again. I think my family knew it was a touchy subject. I'm sure they went around whispering to each other "don't mention that quilt Sarah started". I follow a lot of quilt blogs, so it wasn't easy to forget my pathetic excuse of a quilt lying at the back of the closet. I was suddenly driven to finish my quilt after reading a bunch of quilt blogs. So I worked on it like crazy, I had to cut a lot off to make it straight and it still isn't perfect. I am sort of sorry I used the fabrics that I did too. Some of them are really bright and don't really go with the rest of it. But I was poor at the time, so I just had to use what I had. It's finally done though, and I can say I made a quilt!!
The back of it.
Finally done....yay!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scrappy things

I finally finished redoing this notebook, you might recognize it. Part of it is the header for my blog. I collect a lot of paper scraps. I get the paper from magazines, clothing tags, stuff I get in the mail. You can get a lot of cool looking paper that way. (and no, I'm not crazy)
I had some cardboard lying around, so I decided to cover it in scraps too. I even put this protective sticky stuff over it. I always feel like an idiot when I go to the office store, "do you have clear, sticky, protective stuff??" Anyway, I'm not quite sure what I should do with the board. Any suggestions? Maybe It will be a gift......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sharpie love

I was really inspired last week to start a giant sharpie doodle. I'm still working on it, not sure if I want it to cover the whole board or just a part of it. 
My favorite part of this is probably the little mushroom guy from mario kart, he's in the upper left corner

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday presents

It was my Mom's birthday yesterday, so I made her a needle case for all of her bamboo double-points. She didn't have a case for them yet and they were all just wrapped together with a rubber band. Which is not helpful when you are looking for the size 3's. To all you non-knitters this probably sounds like meaningless babble. (sorry)  I know all the knitters are going "a complete set of bamboo double points!! Nice!"
I know. I'm jealous too.

I made her a little zippy pouch too, for all her odds and ends.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mushroom madness

Okay, so remember how I said I was getting into drawing mushrooms? I wasn't kidding. I seem to be drawing them on everything! Which is funny, because as far as eating goes. I hate mushrooms. The smell, the texture of them. I do like to draw them though! I made this Birthday card for a relative and what is on it? A mushroom!
I've been incorporating them in my doodles a lot too. I made this one below for a friend who asked me to make a design with only mushrooms.
Okay, so this one doesn't have any mushrooms in it, but I thought it was nice
This is just mushroom craziness

I even have a speech bubble coming up and it says "I'm a fungi!!" Get it? Cheesy I know. You all are free to shiver or nonchalantly cough "cheesy" if you wish.

Monday, March 2, 2009

More doodles!

I'm quite proud of this one. (gives herself a pat on the back)

Yeah, I've been doodling more. I have discovered that I love mechanical pencils! They are so fun to draw with. I did the doodle at the top with a mechanical pencil. Sorry the picture is so faded looking. This polka dot journal is my new doodle book! Isn't it cute! It only cost me 3 bucks. Did I show you this one below already? I can't remember.

This one is probably the craziest
This one looks almost exactly the same as the ones in my previous post