Thursday, May 21, 2009

A random assortment of things

This is my new favorite thing, a little mushroom I knitted. I call it Miki. :) Another odd thing about me is that I like to decorate envelopes, don't ask me why. Here's a bunch I recently did.
This is a really bad picture , but these are the capris pants I was writing about. I warned you that you would see this fabric a lot. 

hehe, you can see my toes. whoops.


Becky said...

you knitted a mushroom?? That is just soo brilliant! I am jealous of your talent. :) Like the capris too.

Belle said...

<3 the envelopes...adorable pj pants! Great idea too. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the little mushroom guy! How cute is he!! I just want to pick him up and dunk him in my coffee... :) <3 the name too... :)

Kate said...

Love the mushrooms and the capris are great - wonderful fabric!

Everett said...

I love the mushroom! It is so cute. But not nearly as cute as you are!