Monday, June 8, 2009

Needle and Cloth

I went to a huge fabric store with my mom on Friday and look what I got! I went straight for the amy butler prints.  Funny story from that trip. I  pick out all my fabrics (it took me awhile) and then I take my fabric over to be cut. The lady at the counter is telling how pretty the fabrics that I've chosen are. Then she gets to the blue fabric and says "You know this has fish on it, right?" I say "yeah, I saw that" she says "You saw the fish?"me "yup". I laughed about it on the way home. She really wanted me to know that there were fish on the fabric and that I was ok with that.
Tried a little embroidering.  Got the hoop for a dollar at a huge antique store that we went to afterwards. The first thing I did is of course a mushroom.
This one's very random, but I like it.
yes, I know he only has six legs....don't say it too loud, he's very sensitive.


Kiki said...

Darling you never cease to amaze me!

Becky said...

So adorable! I especially loved the mushroom. :)

Ruth said...

I love the second one!
What fabric store did you go to?

Belle said...

WOW...those are awesome! How do you do it? Also, love the fabric. We should start a sewing club and sew together. :D

Sarah said...

To answer your question Ruth, It was hayloft fabrics in Morgantown.
Belle, I just started stitching no big secret.

Katie said...

i adore the bird with all the lines! its so artistic! you should look into some kind of career where you could use all these fantastic talents. awesome!

sarah said...

love that fabric!!!