Friday, July 24, 2009

New Quilt

A sneak peak at the new quilt I'm working on. I am loving this one. (pats herself on the back) I found that I like to use very busy fabric for the stuff I sew. I wanted to make a quilt but not have it hurt anyone's eyes to look at it. So I decided to make a modified coin quilt with lots of white fabric so that I could still use all the fabrics I love, without it looking jumbled. Phew! Long sentence. 
close up :)

Oh, and guess what I found? Heather Ross fat quarter packs! Autumn  did a post on how she found Heather Ross packs at Jo ann's. I didn't really think the Jo ann's near me would have them, but lo and behold they did! 


Becky said...

pretty quilt!

Belle said...

is this the one you were talking about? The one for the certain someone??? :D I *love* it.... It looks really good!

Ruth said...

I *really* like that! Looks like a good project for all those little scrap squares. And I thinks it's a good layout, it doesn't hurt the eye like you said you were trying to do. :)