Monday, September 28, 2009

Quilt finished (finally!)

I finished it! yay! After ripping it out several times and then putting it all back together, its finally completed.  Sorry the pictures are so grainy, it was raining so I had to take them inside.
Here's the back.
close up of the front

Is it weird that after all that ripping and re-sewing I still want to make another quilt?


Belle said...

So she absolutly loved it! Yep, she kept saying, "I can't believe she made this, this is amazing!" Also, she was sik, so she wanted to curl up in it when we got back home. So it was a hit.... :) Thanks for all the work you put into looks incredible! Still looking for ideas to what to get me for my birhtday.....cough..cough... ;) Love you!!

Becky said...

wowza. This is very amazing. nice job! :)

Anonymous said...

As you already know, I am very proud of you, and thought that it was the best gift at the shower.


Ruth said...

That looks great! And it's not dizzing like some quilts can be. Nice idea for the shower too, way to bring back the old gift traditions (which in my opinion shouldn't have died). :)

Kiki said...

OMGZ Thats BEAUTIFUL!! Awesome!! Wanna teach me? lol