Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Just a little snapshot of what I've been working on. I finished some bunting that I hung on my bed.
My ironing corner. :) Trying to finish my spiderweb quilt before I die. (No really it's taking me forever, next time I am doing a patchwork quilt with big squares. Like really big squares)  I'm also working on my sister's wedding quilt. (below) Trying different layouts to see which one I like.
I am praying that I can finish both these quilts before the end of August. (hopefully it won't take me longer than that) >.<


magnusmog said...

I just bought a book that gave directions for making bunting - great minds thinking alike!!

Belle said...

When are you going to make me one of your fabulous quilts?! ;D I love the little triangles.. They really add a creative touch to the amazing bed. :)