Wednesday, May 18, 2011


(Bangs head on table) Sorry I haven't been posting regularly (I don't count once every few months regular)  I've been busy making octopus ninjas
embroidering paper cranes
buying pretty yarn
and generally making crafty stuff in preparing to open my shop. Thanks to all you who are still following and (hopefully) reading this!
 P.S do you like my new logo?


A.C. Knowles said...

I want an octopus so badly. They're adorable! And I love your new logo. So cute! Don't worry, I'm still here reading away.

clare's craftroom said...

I'm here too and admiring your new logo !

Belle said...

LOVE the new logo and want the "Eat Toast" framed in my room.. :) I'm still here..

- One faithful reader...

LePetitMaison said...

I like the Logo and I love the Ninja Octopus. Are you going to hang it from your car mirror? :-)