Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Baaaack!

So after (cough) 8 months of not posting, I have decided to revive the blog. HUZZAH!
When people ask about my Etsy, I usually direct them towards my blog as well, just cause I have a lot of variety of plush and general craftiness that I've made. It seems a grand idea until I realize that I haven't posted since last year. Whoops. 
This is a promise that I shall be posting weekly hereafter. My promise. There it is. 

Moving on from the "I feel guilty I haven't posted in forever" part and onto some fun doodles.

I know it's kinda stereotypical of artists to draw inspiration from songs, but with Florence I just can't help it okay. Stop shaking your head. Stop it. Florence is DIFFERENT. 
I think we can all guess which one this is. 
Stick around folks because I shall be here next week with even more crafty stuff! 

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