Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Attempting anime drawing

These are some attempts at drawing anime. Before you all start to comment. I copied these from Mark Crilley. (hangs head) I always feel like I cheated if I copy something in drawing. I just feel so ashamed that I don't have the skill in drawing to just draw these out of the blue.

"and your angry eyes, just in case"


Belle said...

These are really good! And even though you copied them, it is not like you traced them. You can still draw them, which shows a lot. Also, if you copy them enough, you will very soon get to the point where you can just up and draw them on your own. Ask Dan Lee. Nice job!

Kat said...

i think they are really good! XD

Joel said...

Wow Sarah!! Those look really good!! Don't be ashamed for copying, I couldn't even draw a circle that nice.