Monday, February 9, 2009

Cards galore

I've been in a card making craze recently. My desk is an absolute mess right now, almost  everything crafty is spread out on my desk in a chaotic mess! I got a bunch more crafty stuff from all my girlfriends. Thanks girls! All that new crafty stuff sent me into a card making frenzy! This card I made for somebody's birthday this week. I'm quite proud of this one. :)

I love the little smiling peppermint sticker! Hence the "you are sweet" 

Next project. Scrap-booking. 


Belle said...

Yet again, love them. Who's birthday was it for? Jay? My favorite is the "you are sweet" card. So talented!

Sarah said...

yeah, it was for Jay. I wanted it to be guyish.

Everett said...

I can attest to the chaotic desk. But I love her for it. What a gift this girl is to her Dad!