Monday, March 2, 2009

More doodles!

I'm quite proud of this one. (gives herself a pat on the back)

Yeah, I've been doodling more. I have discovered that I love mechanical pencils! They are so fun to draw with. I did the doodle at the top with a mechanical pencil. Sorry the picture is so faded looking. This polka dot journal is my new doodle book! Isn't it cute! It only cost me 3 bucks. Did I show you this one below already? I can't remember.

This one is probably the craziest
This one looks almost exactly the same as the ones in my previous post


Belle said...

Oooh....I like the journal! I love mechanical pencils too. Less work! :) My favorite doodle of the post is definitly the one you are most proud of. I love the detail in it. It boggles my mind that you come up with these things just out of the blue. So talented.... Love you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Belle. You are so talented.

Love you too.