Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

I went fabric shopping this past weekend with friends, got a lot of good stuff and may have spread the fabric addiction to one of my best friends. :)  Found this Amy butler print and decided I was going to try to plunge into sewing clothing and make myself a skirt. It wasn't much of a plunge, because all that it took to make this was some elastic and straight sewing. I used this tutorial and seriously anyone can make this, it took me about 30 minutes in all.  
Hope you all are having a good Valentines day!!


Kat said...

ooooh!!! I love that! So cute! Im thinking about pulling my sewing machine out and getting a yard of fabric and making myself one. That is so cute!!!

Belle said...

I wonder where you got that fabric - it looks so familiar! :D Love it! Great belt, boots, sweater, and leggings too! You are so stylin'! :)