Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage Reproduction Quilt

This quilt has been laying dormant for awhile after I shoved it guiltily into the "half done projects" basket a few months ago. (hangs head) I pulled it out recently and decided to finish it. Its based on my great grandmothers quilt we lost in the fire. I really loved that quilt so I wanted to make one that was similar. I used almost all vintage fabrics and the green fabric is almost the same color as my great grandmothers. I decided to hand tie quilt it too. 


Belle said...

Wow - beautiful colors! You know I adore everything vintage, so this is breathtaking! Love the flowers on the side... You never cease to amaze me, dahling. :D

P.S. Love the wellies (o)_(o)

Kelly said...

it's really lovely, the colours are great too - love the green!