Monday, January 5, 2009

Card pictures

Yay! I got the pictures to go where I wanted them to go! Anyway, started school again today. (sigh) Life goes on as usual. These are the cards I was writing about. I took these pictures on Saturday. It was really cold! As you can tell by the icyness in the photos. The sunset was pretty though. I really wish stamps weren't so expensive, then I could actually mail these to people. I love sending cards and letters to people, it just seems more personal. I need to go get some envelopes to put these in or make my own for these cards. I hope you peoples like these, because your probably going to get one of them at some point in time!

 Can you tell I like polka dots?

This is one is one of my favorites

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Belle said...

These look like the cards we did at my house. I love them and cannot wait to get one of them. :P Great ideas!